Dominionist Pizza

by Toni Marshall

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This album is dedicated to the memory of Leelah Alcorn.
Rest in power.


released May 6, 2015

All music written, composed, arranged, and performed by Toni Marshall.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Jim Kincaid & Toni Marshall

Engineered by Jim Kincaid at Station Recordings



all rights reserved


Toni Marshall Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: To Mike Pence
To be imbued with personhood
is a dream of so many
underrepresented defendants.
But with a stroke of a pen
that humanity was extended instead
to corporations.
Were corporations also made in God's image?
How does a corporation express its religion?
When a corporation is a collection
of individual citizens who
work together across social divisions?

Did I also mention that corporations
have the capital to expend
to actually be a part of writing the legislation their in?

Not me.
I deliver pizza to whoever the fuck's paying, but if I offend them with my appearance my job could be put in jeopardy.
You know what I'm saying?

And I'm a professional debtor.
I always manage to net in the negative,
because I always work against a stigma
perpetuated by a corporate religious collective.

So how dare you pretend that there's a need to legislate discrepancies,
between belief systems you incorporate
during the course of
administering to my oppression.

I'm supposed to be tolerant of this aggression from session to Senate session?
I'm supposed to be reverent of the Heaven
you want to build on top of the Hell
in which you keep me enveloped?

Fuck you.
You're underevolved.
This is the revolution.
No stopping until we're all protected by the constitution.
Then we're coming back for restitution
against all these religious abuses.
Track Name: Dominionist Pizza
We're on a reformation.
Restoration of a nation based on religious hatred.
What's discrimination?
Apparently it only happens in a fucking bakery.

D.C. Stephenson's shadow
on the macro.
Organize a base on the basis of a battle.

I'm enabled by the capitol.
I set the table. I ain't having you.
I'm more than happy to be taxing you.
God doesn't value you.
Your lifestyle's a bad avenue.
My God will overpower you.
Come into my bathroom I'm grabbing you
Its my God-given right to not be having you.
I fucking laugh at your struggle while I'm smashing you.
But still my God's love seems to baffle you.

All you heathens say you want to be equal
but your evil doesn't have a place among people
it infringes on the right of me to be a believer
I'm the victim. You're in league with the deciever.
Like a thief in the night we've come to wipe you out.
Because you're not in the kingdom prophecized about.
Your not within my Dominion.
Not a part of my agenda.
I reject the notion of a non-binary gender.

You're inflicted with a sickness
we can fix this.
Once you recgnize it. You can bear witness.
You can end this. As soon as we begin this.
Let Holy Spirit in. Money money mend this.

You can be diminished and still
represent Christian image.
You could write a book about it.
Probably make us millions.
Let the Holy Spirit in.
Money money mend this.
Track Name: They Killing All Of Us
They killing all of us
right out of existence.
It doesn't stop with the body.
They murdering our memories.
Dismantling our identities.
They say we mimic femininity.
Jane turned John Doe.
That's their fucking remedy?

I don't live in anonymity.
I live as who I'm meant to be.
Funny story. That's a fluid thing.
I'm just a human being.
So I'ma do my thing
and illuminate the ways you hate.

You wanted beautiful truth?
That'll have to wait.

From outta the shell,
a personal hell,
where the twisted remnants
of my childhood dwell.
Recognize the privilege
while struggling with the bill's.
I can pay the premium,
but they don't cover the pills.

But still, I'm the real deal
no matter how you feel about it.
You owe me common decency
if we're being real about it.

You call me dude
Dude, just forget about it.
Keep me in the moment,
otherwise I'm lost in the velocity
of pursuit at which point
I become an entity within society.
At least identifiably.

You're constantly vetting me.
Subconsciously trying me.
I'm transcendent.
Gotta keep your third eye on me.

I can't help but wonder
how much longer
you can keep denying me.
I'm so fly. Gotta stay so high.
To get any type of visibility.
Are you feeling me?
I love the hell right out of you
from way up in the sky.

Did you never cry for your daughter
while she was alive?
Track Name: Central Synthesizer
We on another level
they don't even recognize it.
I make the present happen.
I never glamorize it.
Make a vocal record of it.
Bleed some rhythm synchronize it.
Get the truth in order
before it even hits the equalizer.

I'm the central synthesizer
I'm the focus.
I'm the phantom essence
cloaked in the former bloke
who wrote this.

When I address you
I undress the silence.
When I recognize you
I divine you from a mind
deprived of experience.

There's too many avenues,
too many asterisks to fathom.
So I'm an advocate for everyone
whenever hatred happens.

So I got your back, man.
I got your back girl.
So why don't hit me back?
You don't even react, world.

Find me tacked on
at the end of an acronym,
like I'm supposed to be happy
with being mentioned on
the packaging.

I'm struggling, but never battling.
I'm a pacifist.
I'm an actor turned former actress.
I own all the masters.

Try to stay abreast of whatever matters
but the heart in my chest
is formed from distortions
that ripple outwards.

It's so much worse than akward.
It's disarmingly awful.
I become a projection of the distractions
of which I'm a part of.

When my skin is the enemy
I keep my enemies closest
They're a part of the production
but don't expect them on the poster.

I'm inverted Pinocchio, a no-call no-show,
A rose named Romeo, with no home and no dough.

My kicks are special order
I get them intermittently.
My prison is infinite.
It's name is anonymity.

You say there's a simple remedy
just give in to whatever's given me,
while simultaneously telling me
God will never forgive me
for all the shit that He put into me.
Then do what? Just blend into the ugly scenery?
Watch myself disintegrate
along with what everything means to me?
No thanks, I prefer the feminine,
along with the blissful mystery.
I make my own life and fill my own time
with my own mind while always listening.

Central Synthesizer
Rhythm's inside her
we all modified
we alive so we redefine.
Track Name: Polly/Pauly Shore
Down at Pauly/Polly Shore
with plenty of polyrhythm
in the middle of ending
at the start of the beginning.

If you find it hard
to fold your thoughts into the continuum
you can codify them
as the masculine and the feminine.

I'm white like Eminem, but feminine.
He probably wouldn't appreciate the synonym
because I'm just another Kim to him.

That's a purely hypothetical bigotry, admittedly,
but I'm appropriating Marshall Mather's name.

Might as well
because he won't give a fuck about it.
Plus, he'll never hear about it
because he's on another level of fame.

Down at Pauly/Polly Shore
with the polysexual element.
He's so into her.
She's into her and him and the other one.

I'm so into everyone
and putting my rhythm into them.
I'm into making love.
I only make things that are genuine.

My preference is relevance
and find its basis in the essence
of a person's basic elements.
Is this making sense?

I could give a fuck about an apparatus.
What matters is that you're giving me access
to maps of your synapses.

And I'ma line 'em right
like a sexual Etch-A-Sketch.
Isolate the pleasure
so as not to make a mess of the rest of this.

Effortless; these kinetics of the emotional.
Put it into motion
like waves on the waves on the ocean...
Track Name: Never Say Forever
I'm my own kind of rebel.
I've been called the devil.
With the complexion of the oppressor,
but with some priveleges severed.

I see the world as together,
but never say forever.
An existential dilemna;
defense is the essence of "whatever."

I'm inevitably drawn to the marathon.
Bring it on.
Take it to the stage.
Break a leg.
Maybe break an arm.
Taking in a moment.
Take a while, then maybe it take it on.
Fake it like you mean it.
Never shake the hand you're taking from.

Make it numb.
Make it dumb.
Make 'em think you're full of cum.
Break your lungs,
quaking with the scream your voice is waking from.

I'ma take you at your word
when it comes to where your words are taken from.

Sorry to break the conversation
but my mind's been overtaken.

There's a name for it.
It's appropriation.

I've waited so long to proclaim it.
Life is for the taking.
I face a new day,
a new destiny of my own making.

A non-existent little girl grew up to be amazing
with all the patience it takes
to face a baseless hatred.

Every day's a blessing.
Overblessings breed complacence.
I've got to be creative
when taking my claim of the bacon.

Making off with everything I can take into the grave.
I behave precisely in accordance with how I was made.

My name is my name.
It's rooted in my joy and my pain.
My heart and my brain.
Right down to the essence of my being.

I'm living my dreams,
but always dreaming bigger things.
Thank God I can entertain.
It's the only way that I maintain.

Pain for the pain;
a day-to-day recursive drain on the brain.
If it isn't one thing, it's another thing.

I don't get the fortune.
I don't get the fame.
But I get the satisfaction of saying
exactly what the fuck I mean.

The queen of my own scene,
I give it away for free.
I'm not a Chili Pepper.
I'm way too chill to be.

You think it demeans me,
because it's a thrill to me.
But for me it's just a normal thing.
I can only be what I want to be.
My body's in front of me
and my mind sits in its shadow.
It's hard for you to see me struggling
with my invisible battle.

There ain't no doubt about it.
Survival is all that matters.
But I'ma thrive while I'm alive
and grabbing at the tatters.
Track Name: Sunday's Best Clothes (Another Ode to an Unheard Manifesto)
From the dead center of the trans* ghetto
an ode to another unheard manifesto.
Laid then left low, it manifests slow.
When expressions never less
than Sunday's best clothes,
you need a good defense.
So I got the best flows.
A monumental test.
A mess of noneventful deaths.
Disapper. Presto!
I'm still left though!
I'm an effigy, at least what's left of me.
Feed me to the poor lovingly.
There's not enough of me to go around.
Look what I found!
What I picked up living underground.
I don't fuck around.
You say you want a revolution?
Fucking right I'm down.
Piece me out in the name of peace
and sell me by the pound.

You're thinking I'm a fucking clown?
I'mma shut you down.
Everything you hear is me.
Every fucking sound.
I'm a self-contained phenomenon.
Bow down.
Discuss amongst yourselves
please mind the pronouns.

I'm inclined to wear the shroud
and dreaming out loud,
Though I'm prone to overcalculation
I'm living right now.
Projection of an inner energy.
I love my enemies.
They're the driving force
that propels me through these Memories.

Bigotry won't be the end of me.
My limit exceeds my liberty.
Don't frame me as a premise
it denies me as a human being.
Unenumerated but yet still I do my thing.

See myself reflected
as a monster on a TV screen.
Jesus freaks tweaked on methamphetamine.
In the land of Letterman.
They're calling for a reckoning.
Death is always beckoning.
They quicken it, with a friendly grin.
Take it from your friendly
neighborhood abomination.
Track Name: Welcoming Committee
You think your sick because you're quick.
I'm Bubonic.
These motherfuckers here
think I'm demonic.
How ironic,
because they're fully digging my sonics
These phonics are shaped
by the stickiest chronic.
If you can dream it I'm on it.

If your body was a mindset
you'd be wearing a bonnet.
Or maybe white robes with a pointy tip on it.
I undress your facade
see you beneath it despondant.
Choking on your vomit
at the sight of what you see as my deformities.
Now you see the enormity of me.
A bona fide anomaly greeted abominably
Tell me you can save me for a nominal fee.
The harmony I seek is
not realistically imparted to me.

Listen to the viewpoint of another nominee
As he clobbers me
with nary a mention of the economy.
Big Pharma keep me calm
while Big Prison keeps farming me.
Taking money from the children
put it in the armory.

Right in heart of America!
We're welcoming to everyone!

Your fate's your own. So you make it.
If it isn't given, you take it.
It's the same for everyone.
Whether blessed or forsaken.
So if you're undesirable you fake it.
Unless you can't.
Then you're forever naked.

Why the fuck are you wearing makeup?

I knew my name before I could say it.
By the time I could the label was faded.
Sometimes I wonder how I made it.
Not to be melodramatic.
But I think I fucking slayed it.
And I continue to recreate it.

I'm underpaid. You can bank on it.
Spitting next level shit,
barely after thinking it.
Barely hanging on.
Pay to pay.
Still I take the time
to make you think and shit.
I take the cake.
Who gives a shit who's baking it?

I don't recommend the life I live
though I partake in it.
Making scenes is seconday
when you're really making it.
You should really think about it if you
put your stock and faith in it.
When you make your claims basis
given fucks and taken shits.

It's bigotry. It's plain an simple.
That's the name for it!
When you equate me to something inanimate. Own your hatred.
Instead I watch you try to frame it,
like it's a joke
and I don't know how to take it.
You're like Gallagher
taking a hammer to a gay melon.

Knee to the back of the neck
in the context of the content of melanin.
Welcome our incoming felon friends.
"Who needs evidence when your life takes precedence?"
That's the basis of malevolence.

Has beens trump never beens.
If you wonder what the fuck I'm on
look at where the fuck I've been.

Right in the heart of America
we're welcoming to everyone.